Heat Pumps for Domestic Properties

Why install a Heat Pump through Swangrove Energy?

Up to 50% reduction in fuel bills.png
Generous Government subsidies available.png
Up to 50% reduction in C02.png
Longer system life - typically more than 15 years.png
More Consistent heat.png
No need for an unsightly and smelly oil tank.png

Fuel cost Savings – save up to 50%

Heat pumps run on electricity and can be as much as 350% efficient. i.e. for every 1kw of electricity they use, they will give out 3.5kw of heat. Compared to oil this can be a saving of up to 50% and will also substantially reduce your CO2 emissions too.

Government Subsidies Available – 2 Ways to be Paid

Subsidy Payments Over Time

The renewable heat incentive (RHI) is paid quarterly for 7 years after installation increasing with inflation. You would pay for the system and the government would pay you RHI subsidies for the following 7 years.

Swap subsidies for Upfront capital

Through a scheme called the Assignment of Rights (AoR), you can assign the rights to your RHI subsidies to Swangrove Energy in exchange for much of the upfront capital.

Longer System Life

Whilst a conventional combi-boiler lasts around 8-10 years, a heat pump can last in excess of 15 years. There are very few moving parts and the air filter is normally the only parts that requires to be cleaned on an annual basis.

More Consistent Heat

Heat pumps will heat your home using lower radiator temperatures than a conventional boiler. This means that the system must be kept on for longer keeping your home at a more consistent temperature. Customers repeatedly tell us how much they prefer this form of heat.